The treatment of Bed Bugs is extensive.  A-Team Pest Control will ensure all areas of the property are treated including all beds, couches, chairs, furniture, carpet, and all other items where bed bugs can hide.  We will also instruct the homeowner to dry all bedding and clothing immediately to ensure all bed bugs are rid of.  Another very helpful way of reducing the Bed Bug population, is to vacuum seams of bedding and furniture, and carpets.  Throw the contents of the vacuum away outside when finished.

The price of a Bed Bug treatment starts at $250.  This price is subject to change depending on size of house or property.

Tips for Traveling:

Never place luggage on the hotel floor. The best place to set luggage is in the bathroom tub, because the Bed Bugs can not crawl up the smooth surface. You may also place it on a luggage rack without hollow legs. Pack all clothing in plastic bags. Inspect bedding, especially the corners of the mattress at the seems. Look for dried blood spots or bed bug skins. Never bring luggage back into your house when you get home! Vaccum all suitcases and wash all clothing in hot water. Check your shoes and all other items before bringing them into your home.

 Bed Bug Control

Click here for more information on Bed Bugs from the National Pest Management Association

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