Commercial Pest Control Services 

A-Team Pest Control knows how important customer satisfaction is to the success of any business.  Service from A-Team Pest Control will help keep your customer's satisfaction at its best.  We currently service the following places of business in Lincoln, Omaha and surrounding areas:


  • The food industry holds high standards on sanitation.  A pest free experience for your customers is key to success of your business.

Pre Construction and New Construction

  • Pre-Construction teatments provide protection from Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects.

Offices, Schools, Churches, Daycares, Fitness Centers

  • Early/late Service times available.

Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Department Stores

  • Pest's can cause serious health contamination issues with your inventory. 
  • Pest Control can help your store's image.

Apartments and Condos

  • Bug infestations in one apartment can spread fast throughout the whole building.  Pest Control is essential in residential property management.

Hotels and Motels

  • Pests can effect your hotel's reputation and revenue.

Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Infection control is high priority.  Keeping the facility pest free maintains standards for a clean enviornment.

And many more!


For questions about your business or to schedule a service, please call Jered 402-540-6478, Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm.