Exterior Yard Services-Pest Control in Lincoln and Surrounding Areas

 Yard Spray

A Pest Control Service where trees, turf, and all landscaping are sprayed with several gallons of product useing a power rig.  This provides excellent bug control of mosquitos, ticks, flees, and all insects.  A Yard Spray is ideal for keeping your BBQ's and outdoor activities bug free.

  • BI-Monthly Pest Control Service Customers $65,+$10/each additional gallon.
  • One Time Pest Control Service Customer $85+$10/each additional gallon.


Perimiter Power Sprays 

A Pest Control Service where several gallons of product are sprayed around the foundation and all near landscaping using a power rig.  Intented to treat infestations of insects/bugs that collect around your bushes, flowerbeds, gutters, sideing, eaves, and soffits.

  • Bi-Monthly Pest Control Service Customers $55
  • OneTime Pest Control Service Customers $75


For more information about bugs or to schedule a pest control service, call Jered 402-540-6478, Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm.