Residential Pest Control Services

A-Team Pest Control Lincoln, Nebraska

Bi-Monthly Service

Warrenteed service scheduled every 60 days.  If you have any warrenteed pest problems inbetween services, we will respray free of charge.

  • Prices starting at $50 and up, depending on the size of premises to be treated.
  • Discounts on Yard Sprays and Perimiter Power Sprays.

 Two-Spray Combo

Two services at a discounted rate.  The second service is sceduled within 30 days of the first service.  Intended for more serious infestations when one service might not be adequate and for minor ant infestations.

  • Prices starting at $120 and up, denpending on the size of premises to be treated.

 One-Time Spray

Intended for minor pest infestations, when only one service is desired.

  • Price starting at $75, depending on needs of treatment and size of property.
  • 45-60 day residual.

All interior services include an exterior surface can spray at the base of the foundation.

For more information or to schedule a service, call Jered 402-540-6478, Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm.